Bryce Badlands

Bryce Badlands

The barren, colorful hills of Bryce Canyon National Park have intrigued me perhaps more than the hoodoos for which Bryce Canyon is so well known. I’ve always wanted to photograph them, and this particular evening I got my chance. However, this area of the park is accessed via a horse trail. Of course, where there are horses there is horse manure. Navigating the trail requires a strong stomach and strategic skills. In places it can be a disgusting, stinking mess. The stench can be so overpowering that the urge to gag is strong. Going down hill is usually tolerable, since you can hold your breath in bad spots. However, coming out of the canyon is another story. When you’re climbing the steep trails, carrying 30 lbs. of camera equipment, you get breathing hard. Holding your breath is not very possible, instead sucking in the horrid stench. It’s a miracle to me that I didn’t vomit. If you ever hike the horse trail, don’t wear sandals.


2 Responses to Bryce Badlands

  1. Schaun Davis says:

    Beautiful photo though!

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